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Is the name "Galtinho"?

"Galtinho" is the name we fondly call our students.
Learn here de advantage of being one of them.

The Galtinho's Journey


The Galtinho's origins

To be a Galtinho you 
have to be, or have already concluded the whole high school in a public school (or private school with a full scholarship). Do not forget: it is necessary to prove that to proceed with our selective process.

The vestibulinho

As a first step, the candidates register themselves to "vestibulinho" and pay a R$15,00 fee to cover the operational costs of the course. This test is elaborated with general knowledge of high school content, and from there the candidates will be selected for the social interview.


The social interview.

The social interview is the second part of
the selective process, and it is necessary for us to prove the candidates' school origins and identify their social profile.
Don't worry, the interviewers will be receiving all of you with their arms wide open!

The opening class

Were you approved in our interview? Congrats!!
You are now officially a Galtinho! Now you have to attend the 
Opening Class, in which we will explain how the course works and all
All the Rights and duties of a Galt's student.



To enroll you must bring:

1. 1 copy of your RG
2. 2 3x4 photographs
3. The statement of responsibility printed and signed

Did you become a Galtinho?

We are now your second family!
Take a look at your main advantages:


Galt's students and members
have free access to our psychological team. Besides this, we offer therapetical groups to work on the participants' relevant questions.


In the opposite shift to the one chosen by the student,
we offer supplemental lessons 
about the disciplines at the 
vestibulares and Enem


We have extra general classes,
which happen on Saturdays and they're 
about current news and are mixed with various 

Psychological Support

Tutoring Classes

Interdisciplinary Classes


We offer 3 simulated tests
for semester and each one has
a report card. The report contains a ranking and a detalied analysis of the student's answers on each subject. 


The support is the opportunity
for the student to have a personalized guidance from
one of our volunteers. The guide is responsible for helping the creation of a study routine, paying attention on the student's report cards and give relevant tips on how to improve the student's development.

Habilidades Específicas.jpg

We offer drawing courses
for the students who want to attend
architecture or desing colleges and are not certificated to do it.

Simulated Tests


Specifics Skills

You're next"

Check out some of our former students' experiences

Alef Patrick

Direito UnB - 2/2018


No Galt conheci professores excelentes, que estavam lá por que amavam o que faziam. E por isso deu tão certo pra mim. Espero um dia poder retribuir, pois, sem eles, não chegaria até aqui.

noun_Quotation Marks_19279.png

Soraia Oliveira

Artes Visuais UnB - 2/2018

Estudar no Galt Vestibulares te faz descobrir que existem pessoas maravilhosas comprometidas apenas em ser agente transformador de vidas e realidades. Obrigada de todo coração a cada professor que dedicou seu tempo e seu carinho para realizarmos nossos sonhos!

Gratidão GALT!!

noun_Quotation Marks_19279.png

Débora Bispo

Fisioterapia UnB - 2/2016


Acreditar em mim foi o primeiro passo para trilhar um caminho rumo a realização do meu sonho. A força do Galt foi de grande relevância para minha aprovação. Acreditei que sim, era possível, e que nada é impossível para aqueles que realmente querem alcançar o seu objetivo se a vontade de realizar seu sonho for maior que seus medos.

noun_Quotation Marks_19279.png